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With 19 years of invaluable experience, Saudi K-Kem Engineering Service Company offers international inspection services ranging from conventional NDT methods to the most advanced (Hi-Tech) NDT techniques available in the world today. Our inspection personnels are fully certified by the renowned international certification agencies and fication agencies such as API, AWS, NACE, TWI and by the Malaysian Institution.

We take great pride in our work and constantly pursue the highest possible inspection quality standards in all our projects.

Saudi K-KEM offering inspection services from Conventional NDT methods to the most advanced (Hi-Tech) NDT techniques and engineering service that available in the world market.

• We are authorized dealer for ACOUSTIC EYE TECHNOLOGY in KSA
• Affiliated with MISTRAS CO. which based in United Kingdom
• Sole Agent For RPS Composites, Cyberhawk, Piping Technology & Evisive
• Our Client as ARAMCO, SABIC, TASNEE and many more.
• Having experienced, well trained and certified manpower in NDT and Inspection field.
• Established in 2010

Saudi K-KEM is the first Saudi Malaysian NDT & inspection partnership company in Jubail, KSA

Saudi K-KEM offering inspection services ranging from conventional NDT methods to the most advanced (Hi-Tech) NDT techniques available in the world market today. Our inspection personnels are certified by the major international certification agencies such as API, AWS, NACE, TWI, BINDT, and by Malaysian Institution.

We were in these business industries for more than 19 years and our company takes the greatest effort in pursuing the highest possible inspection quality in all projects in order to enhance our service quality as well as to meeting our client satisfaction. Now, after involving with various projects in KSA, Saudi K-KEM are very enthusiasm to expand its business quality for industrial and petrochemical sector in KSA.

To achieve this enthusiasm, Saudi K-KEM has always hiring competent personnels. Furthermore, we always keep updating our facilities by having the latest and modern equipment.

Saudi K-KEM is the leading company in providing advance technology for NDT & inspection. It was shown by that we are the only authorized dealer for ACCOUSTIC EYE TECHNOLOGY in KSA and also affiliated with MISTRAS CO. which based in United Kingdom as an agent to bring new technology in KSA.

At Saudi K-KEM we are proud to contribute to the growth of the economy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Innovation and technical quality are becoming increasingly important. We continue to develop our business to improve our services significantly. Our philosophy is to be a first class service provider to our customer in term of quality, honesty and commitment.

We are proud of our work force and their commitment in achieving Saudi K-KEM objective.

• Communications are open and accessible
• Competence in coordinating human material resources
• Integrity in carrying out vision with consistency

• Supporting professional development and showing appreciation
• Collaboration with employees on relevant decisions
• Caring for employees as individuals with personal lives

• Equity – balanced treatment for all in terms of rewards
• Impartiality – absence of favoritism in hiring and promotions
• Justice – lack of discrimination and process for appeals

• In personal job, individual contributions
• In work produced by one’s team or work group
• In the organization’s product and standing in the community

5. CAMARADERIE (Close friendship in a group of friends or teammates)
• Ability to be oneself
• Socially friendly and welcoming atmosphere
• Sense of “family” or “team”

Our Services

To achieve our VISION & MISSION, we are committed to do the following:

We offer a wide range of services with technically qualified and significantly experienced personals.

We shall be responsible to ensure safely oriented jobs done. And we committed to conduct the top quality of work..

We honestly tend to give our full commitment, not only to reach minimum standard specification of our clients, but above their expectations with high level of satisfaction.

We are providing cutting edge technology and equipments for inspection services.

Our Projects 

We have successfully completed numerous projects from all corners of the globe.   
January 2014
September 2013
September 2013

Latest News

The meeting with Jubail Industrial College

21 -23 April 2014

Saudi K-KEM has joint Jubail 12th Career Days as to search for new recruitment. Saudi K-KEM booth successfully gathered a large interested job seeker in the field of inspection.b. MoU with Jubail Industrial College (JIC) 14 May 2014. Saudi K-KEM had initiated a discussion with Jubail Industrial College (JIC) one of the best Technical College in the Kingdom that produce best manpower in the engineering and inspection industries. Saudi K-KEM had approached the said college as to nurture future mutual benefits.

Purchase of the new equipment for Advance NDT (Hi-Tech), guided wave – wave maker g4

8th May 2014

Saudi K-KEM is still maintaining and keeping on improve our advanced and quality of our service to meet the requirements and satisfaction of our client. So, our team is continue observing and gathering more information that to ensure how we can provide much more a satisfactory service to equipped a high or advance technology equipment that will provide good beneficial to Saudi K-KEM clients.

Now, Saudi K-KEM proudly introduced the new and advanced technology equipment that can provide a very fast, accurate and efficient machine, Guided Wave, Wavemaker G4.


We are always looking for qualified people to join our team.   

NDT Technician

Engineering Diploma in Mechanical having ASNT Level II MT/BT/UT/RI.

Min. 5 Years

Piping Inspector

Mechanical Diploma / Mechanical Bachelor Degree.

Min. 5 Years in Piping Inspection as per API 570

Pressure Vessel Inspector

Mechanical Diploma / Mechanical Bachelor Degree.

Min. 5 Years in Pipping Inspection as per API 510s

Admin & Finance Controller

Bachelor in Commerce or Equivalent.

Min. 5 Years

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